Nexalin Management Addresses Wedbush 3rd Annual Global Life Sciences Conference

TUSTIN, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 07/13/2015 – – Nexalin Technology: The Wedbush Morgan and Wedbush Europe 3rd annual Global Life Sciences Conference was held at the Warsaw Stock Exchange this past June, where Nexalin Management addressed the attendees at this premier conference held in Warsaw, Poland. WDM Capital, Wedbush Europe, and Filipex Enterprises organized the conference.

Presenting on behalf of Nexalin Technology was President and CEO, Randall Letcavage and COO Mark White. On stage Mr. Letcavage and Mr. White detailed the innovation of Nexalin and the massive potential in the mental health field in Europe. Furthermore, Nexalin addressed the plan to contract partners in Poland to help expand research and development.

“We are looking at a manufacturing and distribution relationships. We intend to develop our entire international distribution model outside the United States here in Poland. We would like to start here to arrange some funding and strategic relationships with this community as we also develop relationships with clinical and research partners,” stated Mark White.

For a replay of the presentation, please visit our Vimeo page at

About Nexalin Technology, Inc.

Nexalin is a FDA cleared medical device which creates a frequency based waveform that interacts with the deep brain structures involved in the regulation of neurochemistry. Data suggests the Nexalin waveform effectively resets the hypothalamus of the brain, without the introduction of pharmaceuticals, creating a homeostasis in the brains naturally occurring neurochemicals.

Clinical research indicates that normalizing the production of various neurotransmitters, including Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine may begin as early as the initial treatment. Patients report on average, a minimum 70% sustained improvement in all symptoms. For more information regarding Nexalin, including providers near you, please visit If you are a medical professional interested in learning more, please call (714)258-8004.

“Wedbush is a leading financial services and investment firm that, through its holdings, provides private and institutional brokerage, investment banking, private capital, research, commercial banking, and asset management to individual, institutional and issuing clients.Founded in 1955, the firm’s largest holding, Wedbush Securities, is one of the largest full-service investment banking and brokerage firms in the United States and is the largest securities firm and investment bank headquartered on the West Coast. Wedbush is headquartered in Los Angeles with over 100 offices and 125 correspondent offices that employ nearly 1,000 employees.

Wedbush’s second institutional fund, Wedbush Capital Partners invests in profitable and growing, lower middle-market companies primarily headquartered in the Western United States. Wedbush Capital is a $120 million private equity fund that focuses on recapitalizations, growth investments and management-led buyouts of lower middle-market companies. They acquire and build growing companies headquartered in the Western U.S. that have revenues ranging from $10 to $50 million and operating cash flow of $1 to $5 million. Since 1980, Wedbush Capital has invested in more than 75 companies in industries including consumer products and services, business and financial services and niche manufacturing.”

“WDM was founded in Wroclaw, Poland in 2005 by two young Polish entrepreneurs, Wojciech Gudaszewski and Adrian Dzielnicki, with $250,000 and the vision of creating a world class investment bank. Today WDM is Central and Eastern Europe’s leading micro-cap investment bank. It has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. WDM has taken 50 companies public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. It has raised over $150,000,000 in private equity, venture capital and public financing for its clients.”

WDM’s investment management subsidiary, ASTORIA Capital, invests in and helps finance innovative young life sciences and technology companies with a particular focus on licensing technologies and forming joint ventures with companies from North America in order to help commercialize those technologies in Europe and around the world. WDM’s United States subsidiary, WDM USA, provides access to CEE financing and investment opportunities for North American clients and North American financing and market access for CEE clients.”

The conference, which was held on the trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on June 11th, 2015, made it possible for over 100 leading institutional investors, fund managers, and analysts from Europe to assess new investment opportunities.


Nexalin Technology

1382 Valencia Ave, Suite F

Tustin CA 92780

(714) 258 – 8004

SOURCE: Nexalin Technology

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