It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the TriTech 10 at NENA 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 06/26/2015 – – TriTech Software Systems, a leading provider of public safety software, is showing off its latest version of Inform 911 and Inform CAD+911 at the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference in Denver, June 29-30. The Inform Suite has significantly expanded its feature set giving call takers, dispatchers, and responders a more efficient workflow, presenting critical information to make better decisions, and promote responder safety.

Inform 911 4.0 was recently released with a new user interface (UI) and additional functionality. Inform CAD and Mobile 5.7 focuses on providing the right information at the right time based on the user’s most recent actions and the characteristics of the call—thus deepening two-way integration between 911, CAD, and Mobile.

The most exciting news about Inform CAD 5.7 is the launch of Inform Me, TriTech’s new mobile app for smartphones and tablets. This app is not just a simple call status and viewing solution; it is a full-featured native app that provides the ability to Dispatch, Map, Status, and Message from anywhere.

Stop by the TriTech SuperHero booth 301 (you can’t miss it!) and see all of these exciting new products and features!

Key Facts:

– The Inform 911 4.0 UI was completely re-designed with the following goals:

– – Concise – keep the call and location data at the front of the call processing actions

– – Familiar – increase speed of user adoption and reduce training time

– – Consistent – reliable user experience with familiar slide-outs, tabs, and icons

– – Efficient – most actions initiated with a single click or keyboard action

– Inform CAD+911 Convergence—it is more than just telephony added to CAD!

– – Focuses on the Experience and Workflow of PSAP staff

– – Leverages the Intelligence of CAD for data

– – Leverages Geospatial Awareness in call taking decisions

– – Provides a Complete View of Data associated with calls and incidents

– Inform Me

– – Designed specifically to run on smartphones and tablets

– – Native app for both iOS and Android

– – Full featured, not just viewing calls and changing statuses

– Inform CLQ (Caller Location Query)

– – Location inaccuracy is not a problem with Inform CLQ

– – Call taker initiated GPS coordinate request, accepted by caller

– – Coordinates are returned and geo-validated to provide a CAD dispatch location

– Scott MacDonald, Vice President Product Management at TriTech, is speaking Monday, June 29, 2015 from 4:00-5:00 on NG9-1-1 Basics: SMS, Multimedia, & Apps… Oh My!

– Lisa Henderson, ENP, Product Manager – Inform 911 at TriTech, is facilitating a session Monday, June 29, 2015 from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM as Co-Chair of the NENA Working Group on NG9-1-1 RFP Considerations & Evaluations

– TriTech is sponsoring this year’s NENA PSAP tours. Denver 911 is a TriTech CAD customer that dispatches over 650,000 calls for service a year.

Supporting Quotes:

Athena Plummer, Director, Denver 9-1-1 Department of Safety, City and County of Denver stated, “We are looking forward to hosting the 2015 NENA tours at our agency. We use TriTech CAD to dispatch over 650,000 calls each year with a staff of 69 emergency communication operators, 47 police dispatchers, 22 Fire Department sworn dispatch personnel, and 27 EMS/Denver Health dispatchers. We are excited to show off our recently updated center and how the TriTech CAD helps us protect the uniform officers and the community.”

Brian Fontes, CEO of NENA stated, “NENA is very pleased that TriTech, a long-time supporter of NENA events and those in 9-1-1, continues to support NENA and the 9-1-1 community by sponsoring the PSAP tours at NENA 2015. These tours provide our participants the opportunity to see how other agencies perform and share ideas so the entire 9-1-1 community continues to provide a higher level of safety to their responders and communities.”

Supporting Resources:

TriTech Website:

NENA Conference Website:

About TriTech Software Systems

TriTech Software Systems has been developing innovative solutions for public safety for more than 25 years. The company provides products and services to address any size and type agency with an end-to-end product suite to meet the needs of any agency—PSAP, Law, Fire, or EMS.

TriTech Software Systems’ sole focus is public safety software. The company’s experienced team contributes on average, 13 years of industry experience. TriTech has delivered the most trusted public safety software for over two decades and continues to lead the market with innovative, enterprise-wide cloud-based and on-premise solutions for 9-1-1, computer aided dispatch, records management, jail management, analytics and intelligence, field-based reporting, patient care reporting, and ambulance billing software.

For the best end-to-end integrated solution with unparalleled workflow, join the 2,700+ agency installations serving over 250+ million citizens across 13 countries who rely on one company—TriTech Software Systems.


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SOURCE: TriTech Software Systems

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