Wall Street Trader James Goldberg Engages Agent Alan Morell Creative Managemen t Partners for his Book “Exposing the Wall Street Boys Club”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 06/04/2015 – – Announced today, wall street trader James Goldberg has engaged top agent Alan Morell, Creative Management Partners of Beverly Hills for his book to film titled “Exposing the Wall Street Boys’ Club” in collaboration with acclaimed trial attorney Danny Espinosa, Esq.

Said Mr. Goldberg, “My book has a central theme of exposing Wall Street in areas never before written about. The theme is along the line of a 2013 lawsuit I originally filed in Miami-Dade County, Florida, against Seth A. Kanegis, a protégé of Steven A. Cohen that opened up Sigma Capital at Cohen’s behest. At the center of the saga is also Mark Zinn and spouse Roxanne Zinn. My amended complaint adds nine defendants and arises from the illegal course of conduct engaged by Battea-Class Action Services, some of its directors, and other entities associated with the “scheme to defraud”.

Besides engaging Agent Alan Morell for his book to film, Mr. Goldberg recently hired the high-powered law firm of Robert Zarco, Esq. as co-counsel to assist his current counsel.

Said Agent Alan Morell: “It’s a David Vs. Goliath book for film adaptation at the highest levels exposing Wall Street, across a billion dollar hidden secret empire, where the public pays the price”.

For further information, go to:






Creative Management Partners LLC

433 North Camden Dr.

6th Floor

Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210


SOURCE: Creative Management Partners LLC

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